Who Are We?

Scrum Arabia is a user group of Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Practitioners who meet regularly to share experiences and knowledge on how agile works best or pitfalls in their organizations, to increase the shared Scrum knowledge in our region.  The meetings are open to all and are free, you can book to join a meeting online at Scrum Arabia. You can join Scrum Arabia as an individual or a company by either attending an event or taking agile or scrum classes.

Ayna offers advanced and hands on training for software developers and management with specialization in Scrum Agile practices. Ayna trainers offer classes in Ayna offices in Beirut, as well as onsite training in the Gulf and Egypt. All training is in Arabic and English and cover software development in Agile environment in Java and PHP, using TDD and Agile testing. For companies, Ayna offers a full range of training and consulting services to help companies become agile and implement Scrum across teams. Ayna has 15 years of experience and implementation of Agile practices to help companies get Scrum right form the start and avoid common pitfalls. Our consultants also will guide you the process and to customize Scrum to your needs.

  • Product Owner Class

    Price: $850.00

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    Online Scrum Training (New)

  • ScrumMaster Class

    Price: $850.00

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    Understanding Agility and Scrum


Scrum Arabia


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